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Origin and summary of the project

The terrible earthquake, 7.8 on the Richter scale, that struck the Province of Sichuan in south west China on Monday 12 May killed tens of thousands of people, to which disaster should be added hundreds of thousands of injured, millions of homeless and the terrible devastation over the whole region.

ASIA staff, already present in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan and situated 92 km from the epicentre of the earthquake, immediately took action to bring help to the local population. Following a series of meetings with the local authorities, Pingwu County, in the Prefecture of the city of Mianyang, was chosen as the area of intervention. ASIA started operating in Nanba, one of the three townships most severely struck by the earthquake in this county, to then extend its intervention to the other two (Pintong and Shuiguang). The provisional seat of the governors of Nanba is a tent. The population, of c. 19.000 people, comprises in the majority farmers, small traders and shopkeepers.

The actual township was completely razed to the ground. There were at least 1.300 dead and c. 700 displaced according to government sources, but unofficially it is believed that those numbers should be at least doubled. All roads were completely shut off and the army took 13 days to build an alternative route and free the road of landslides and boulders. The whole population of Nanba is deemed homeless and displaced: some are in tents or makeshift accommodation near the villages, others have come down from the mountains and gathered in tents with people coming from other villages. The water is not drinkable and needs always to be boiled to avoid the risk of infections. The village clinic and the two village schools have been completely destroyed.

Results obtained

In co-ordination with Mr Li Xueyi, in charge of relief operations in Pingwu County, between 26 and 30 May ASIA carried out an initial distribution of 9 tons of rice and 3 tons of cooking oil.

This operation, slowed down by some landslides and landslips, was monitored directly by ASIA staff, who delivered the aid to those in charge of the camps after earthquake, verified distribution to families and collected the certificates of delivery.

Planned activities

Following an evaluation mission undertaken by ASIA staff in collaboration with local authorities ASIA elaborated two project proposals to meet the needs of the population struck by the earthquake:

- Provide basic help for a period of three months to 1.500 families (6.000 people) in Namba district struck by the earthquake. The project plans to distribute rice, seed oil, basic kitchen kits, large plastic sheets, mattresses, blankets, mosquito nets, chlorine tablets for drinking water, basic health and hygiene kits and information brochures.

Cost of the project: 786.450 Euro

- Ensure the resumption of lessons in a favourable and dignified environment for the schoolchildren of the two elementary and middle schools of An County through the provision of all the classroom materials (blackboards, desks, chairs, didactic materials, stationary) and the equipment necessary for boarder children in terms of board and lodging (beds, mattresses, blankets, canteen food etc).

Target cost: 128.864 Euro

- Furnishing technical support to the Education Department of An County for the reconstruction of three schools through consultation with experts in post-emergency reconstruction and construction of antiseismic buildings.

Target cost: 25.200 Euro

- Implement the Reconstruction Plan for the School Buildings of he Education Department through the organization, assistance and supervision of reconstruction work of the elementary and middle school in Yongche Zhen in An County.

Target cost: 709.150 Euro



- 6.000 displaced persons (c. 1.500 families) of Nanba struck by the earthquake, selected among the families in worst living conditions in terms of food and habitation and in most urgent need of help.

- 1.600 schoolchildren, of whom 1.170 attending the 2 elementary schools and 430 the middle school, who will be enabled to resume school attendance.

- 1.350 schoolchildren (of whom 900 boarding at the school) in the new building that will accommodate the elementary and middle school of Yonghe Zhen

- 129 teachers and other school staff of the selected schools who will be able to return to work.


- 1.000 families who will benefit be being able to send their children to school

- 43.000 inhabitants of Yonghe Zhen and Heqing Zhen, who will benefit from the resumption of education activities after the earthquake.



The projects were also presented to: OCHA, UNICEF, World food Program, Italian Embassy in China, Decentralized Cooperation.


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