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Long distance sponsorship >> LET'S GET THEM TO SCHOOL

sostegno a distanza di 500 bambine tibetane


Today, 8 March, we are celebrating Women's Day with wonderful news: we have managed to send 500 young Tibetan nomad girls to school.

Together, we have taken the first step. Let's not stop now.
Thanks to the commitment undertaken by the many sensitive people who adhered to the campaign, 500 young girls will be given the opportunity to attend schools where their culture is safeguarded and where they will receive an education giving them the tools enabling them to become  strong, conscious women, bringing development into their communities.
Thanks to you we have set off 500 individual processes of positive evolution which will unfold their effects in the future and will involve not only the girls sponsored but also their families of birth and of the future.
In these months, every small success sparked the hopes of the nomad families that had sent us their appeals for help to enable their children to go to school. Let's not stop now!


 A heartfelt thanks to you all:

To those who started a sponsorship in these months, or talked about it to friends or acquaintances, or called us to organize events or even dinners with friends to tell them about our project.
Thanks to those who spread our appeals, our photos and our emails and to all our friends who took part in whatever way you could in our campaign.
If every future circumstance is fruit of  what was sown in the past, today we can say we have done something for a tomorrow richer in culture, traditions and chances of growth and development of awareness.

A special thank you to all those who made a special contribution to the achievement of our aim:

•    the President and founder of ASIA, Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche
•    Libor Maly
•    the ENAV Group
•    Rodolfo Soncini Sessa
•    the Finnish-Tibetan Cultural Association
•    all the Dzogchen Community, and in particular the communities in:
-    Singapore
-    Slovakia
-    Merigar
•    the support groups and of ASIA in the world, and in particular:
-    ASIA Roma
-    ASIA Lucca
-    ASIA Modena
-    ASIA France
-    the Vettoraia Association in Arcidosso
-    Nicola Salvi and his Rivoluzioni personali


Educating a girl means helping her to become a free woman.

A girl who has studied has more possibilities of choice and when she becomes a woman will be aware of her rights. Her education will have positive effects on the whole society: she will be advantaged in setting up economic activities, more protected from disease and exploitation and her studies have positive effects on the health and well-being of her children.
In our case, educating a Tibetan nomad girl has even more value - to support a civilization in danger of extinction. The Tibetan nomads, who have survived for thousands of years in extreme weather conditions, are now at risk of extinction. Their disappearance would permanently destroy the very origin of Tibetan culture.

In a time of serious crisis like the one at present, ASIA has decided to invest its energies on educating girls.The Let's Get Them to School campaign has two ambitious goals:

1) Sustain 500 Tibetan nomad girls in their studies through a long distance sponsorship project


In these months, every small success sparked the hopes of the nomad families that had sent us their appeals for help to enable their children to go to school. Let's not stop now!

We have achieved one aim, but our road is still long. There are still very many young Tibetan girls and boys in need of a sponsor who will support them in their studies.



2) Expand and renovate the Golok school

At 4000 metres of altitude on the Tibetan highlands, in Goloks prefecture there’s a school attended only by the girls coming from the villages scattered on the surrounding mountains. In 2004, on behalf of the local community and on impulse of the well known educator the monk Jigmed Gyaltsen, abbot of the Raja Monastery, ASIA has begun the works to build a school entirely dedicated to those girls who had no access to any other school building. In fact, the only other school existing didn’t allow the enrolment of girls.

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