A scholarship for the TIbetan student Lhamo

18 Oct A scholarship for the TIbetan student Lhamo

Lhamo_tibetLhamo is a 20 year-old Tibetan girl from Yushu, timid, very introverted and who loves reading.

Her life is not very easy. Lhamo has always lived with her grandmother, uncle and sister because her parents were unable to take care of her. Her aunt gathers the Caterpillar fungus, used in traditional Tibetan medicine, and this is the only source of support for the entire family.

This year, Lhamo has managed to enrol in the first year of university and to do this worked all summer in a small grocer’s shop. Lhamo wants to become an accountant so that she can help her family and create a secure future.

The fees for high school and university are often too high for the poorer Tibetan students, and ASIA has started up a special project for scholarships. This allows young students in difficulty to continue their studies and make their dream come true. Many young people have been able to finish their studies thanks to lots of generous donors who have decided to give a scholarship.

But there are still lots of students waiting to be helped, and Lhamo is one of them.

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