Telling what happens in the countries in which we work through illustrations and focusing attention on what, according to ASIA, are the “symptoms” of an emergency in an emergency and how you can help us.  Illustrations by Kunga


In our eyes, we all have the images of the thousands of people who are stuck on the border between India and Nepal, many call it a “biblical exodus”. This massive exodus underlines how in countries where poverty is part of everyday life, they are sinking in an even deeper abyss. We at ASIA have started a fundraiser to act promptly and concretely in the countries where we have been working for over 30 years, but to do this we need everyone’s help



Many Nepalese people work in India and most of them, due to the lockdown, are returning to their country in different ways; this has led to an emergency in an emergency. A country that is among the poorest in Asia and that, since the 2015 earthquake, has been trying to recover, now finds itself with entire families with no income since they have lost the only support they would receive from those who had emigrated. Let’s act together >>



People who were already reduced to poverty are now sliding towards the abyss. In Nepal most people live on daily wages and with the lockdown they have also lost that small income they had. Here is what are we doing at ASIA

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Children never lose their smile, even in the most tragic situations. The Nepalese children showed this to us immediately after the 2015 earthquake and even today, during the COVID-19 emergency, they are showing us their smile. Even if parents struggle to guarantee them a meal, even if their dreams could be lost forever. Here is what are we doing at ASIA Let’s act together >>



#Nepal Nepalese children are living a social, economic and emotional distress that is becoming ever more profound. Child labour is one of the plagues that affects Nepalese children, so guaranteeing them education also means protecting them from exploitation. Protect a Nepalese child with us through the Long Distance Sponsorship. Start your Long Distance Sponsorship now>>


#Myanmar Despite the risks, ASIA has remained in the country with both local and international staff. In the Mindat district, we want to distribute masks and gloves to doctors, spread awareness on the appropriate hygiene standards and provide concrete help to the Mindat District Hospital. Take action alongside us, we can’t leave them alone >>