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Words resonate within us, can trigger reactions of stress, hatred and fear, or open up to new perspectives and ways of dealing with even very difficult situations such as the one we are experiencing.

These are the words you are sending us, they are many, all precious reflections on what this pandemic can teach us, becoming an opportunity for evolution and the engine of constructive change.

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Take the opportunity …. to understand what we never understood, what we never wanted to understand and turn our point of view (at least in part).
Hugs to all

Gemma, Rome

My word is reflection on what nature is telling us, on what needs to be changed before everything ends !!
Antonio, Villa Santa Maria (Chieti)


To tell the truth when I started hearing the news of the infections in China, my concerns were precisely for you of ASIA, who personally went to those territories to bring relief to the Tibetans who live in China in Nepal in India and to other peoples in Asia.
In a short time the same concern has extended to my parents who live here in the province of Bergamo near me, and to many like them. During this time my dad and mom are locked in the house; I bring him the groceries, the newspapers, the medicines, I chat a little on the porch at a safe distance and with a mask, then I go. I don’t do much and the affection that binds me is always the same, but I understand the importance of the concrete gesture more than before, if I wasn’t there who would do it? If you were not from ASIA, who would help the children, the monks, the shepherds of Tibet? Unfortunately, the current condition is also that relief cannot be brought because relatives or loved ones cannot be reached in other countries or in the hospital, this increases suffering.
I hope that soon it will be possible, if not easier, to bring relief (literally lifting from a physical or moral weight) around and far away.
Thank you!
Best wishes
Isabella, Scanzo Rosciate (Bergamo)

Looking outside … looking inside … to be in this long and silent time … and to enjoy, to feel what I have missed.
Being in the feeling that we are far away, heart-heart.
Stay calm.
And feeling that we are not alone.
And that this is a huge opportunity to learn to love others and especially ourselves.
To remember us.
To remind us of the value of a contact.
To breathe.
Hugs to all,
heart-to heart.
Debora, Trento


Thank you for all that you are and what you do … “Gratitude” but also awareness comes to mind so as not to lose our presence in our life and in and for everyone’s life.
A hug from the heart.
Vestilia, Rignano sull’Arno (Florence)

Keeping the distance – the space between us, living together in a perhaps small space, the desire and impossibility of going out and enjoying the open space ….. but also the opportunity to access an internal space, discover and explore the richness of our space.
Adriana, Venice


My word is INTROSPECTION, that is to be with yourself, to be enough and to learn again to know yourself.
A hug to all of you
Anna Maria, Ravenna

Word often associated with economic, financial or work situations. In this period I would like to transfer it to an individual and personal sphere that concerns the management of time now more than ever of our exclusive property but with many limitations, that perhaps are precisely those that we do not know how to manage.
And even more important is the management of our fears, uncertainties, thoughts, expectations, satisfactions and dissatisfactions … in short, of our mind.
Good management to all!
Antonella, Foligno


I send my best wishes and my love to all the people who are suffering from disease and fear.
Adelina, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria (Spain)


I have been a cultural director for decades and therefore among my skills there is that of having to transform difficulty into opportunity. I think we all can and must try to do it. For me this extraordinary example of impermanence is an opportunity to live my life fully. I have become old but I feel an unchanged energy within me, that the Master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu taught me to increase and harmonize; so I go through life with an inner smile and I see flowers sprouting from the earth in front of my steps. In the turmoil of emotions so difficult to channel I recognize all the happiness that his teachings and his tenderness have given me.

Giorgio, Venice


Love is God, God is love, it is that force that multiplies our strengths, our social and civil commitment, which makes us share the moments of our life and makes us feel like a family even if we are thousands of kilometers away and we never met. It is the quintessence of the Universe and cosmic energy, and precisely for this reason everything is possible for him, there are no obstacles to this powerful energy. Why is it so powerful? Because it brings us out of our selfishness, from our attachment to material goods and amplifies all that is good in us. Why hasn’t it been valued enough? Because we are afraid of it, and we do not understand that it is the only thing that remains and survives us, and can maintain peace among peoples.

Massimo, Rome


Slow down, slow down and breathe, slow down and appreciate, slow down and stop producing evil without balance, slow down and share, slow down and stop polluting, slow down and. before introducing 5G think about it a million times, slow down and stop fomenting wars, slow down and find yourself soon on some beautiful lawn on this Planet that could be a much more beautiful and breathable place … Slow down !!!

Giovanni, Rome



In this difficult moment that we are all living the word that I repeat is often RESPECT, we have forgotten its meaning.

Respect for our neighbor and respect for this beautiful house that is our planet. We learn to respect it by observing the miracle of nature that is regenerating now that we are “far away”. Let’s remember it when we will be able go back to observing the world, when we finally will rediscover true freedom.

Patrizia, Verona


We are obliged to change: daily habits, ways of thinking, attitudes towards others, rhythms of life.

Finally we can regain our thoughts, our emotions that we usually put aside, what we wanted to do and always put off.

And it was time that we felt empathy and solidarity for the rest of the world, starting with all those who are forced to stay on the pitch, for all those who are far from treatment, for all those who are in fear and suffering.

As well as compassion for all those who cannot understand the current moment, for all the various creators of solutions from the sofa of their home, for all those who feel inside an impenetrable bubble.

Leopoldo, Rome



I had to listen deeply to my emotions, as fear and anguish for me and my loved ones, for my country and for all humanity. I saw spring coming with its beauty, I perceived mother Earth with all her power, her strength. I understood her need to heal everything. The evil that our unconsciousness is causing her. And I started listening to the voice that goes beyond my conditioned thinking. That voice told me that everything is perfect inside and outside of me, fear arises from ignorance of the unitary vision of the divine plan. In unity everything is PERFECT!
This helps me to live every day with the awareness that nothing is taken for granted and that I must earn the courage by taking care of my mind and heart!

Marina, Turin



The pandemic exposed the injustices of the world and the characteristics of people: on the one hand generosity and altruism, on the other selfishness and cynicism.

Giovanna, Vignola (TN)


Right now it is a word that may seem very difficult but that can help us to look beyond. Each of us can find it in his daily life, perhaps hidden in an unexpected gesture of greeting by an unknown passerby who sees you on the balcony, in the small azalea plant that blooms in these anomalous spring, in the purr of the cat that crouches on its knees, in the face of a son who you can only see online, in the embrace of your partner before sleeping. Because as an ancient Indian proverb says “there are always a thousand suns beyond the clouds”.

Laura, Milan


The crisis of a system is an opportunity to rethink a different, more inclusive model of those who have less voice: minorities, indigenous cultures, the ecosystem. Not doing is an opportunity to break patterns of behavior that we repeat by inertia and that harm ourselves and others. Distance is an opportunity to cultivate respect for our space and the space of others. Stopping is an opportunity to observe our breathing and the breathing of the planet. Avoiding contagion is an opportunity to understand how individual well-being is interdependent with collective well-being. Even illness is an opportunity to grasp the impermanence of our body and material world as a powerful antidote to selfishness.

Ilaria, Mapello (BG)



With our children on

It is difficult to explain…

Sometimes mothers seem to suffocate

but you know, they can expand,

create inner space.

And inside that space there is all the love you need.


Paola, Oleggio (NO)


Feeling part of common humanity, I am because WE are.

Cristiano, Novara



Not just in washing hands and disinfecting things. Presence in the use of time and space. Presence in relationships with nature, which involves all visible and invisible beings. More than ever, we now know that what we do today has consequences tomorrow.

Paola, Napoli


Leaving room in the heart also … for sadness and suffering. Relax, in total compassion.

Maria Bianca, Parma




At this precise moment on earth we are all confronted with the experience of transformation.
From chaos to centering.
Those who allow themselves to be crossed by sensations can today experience the transformation of fear into energy and clarity.
Empathy, union are precious qualities that can be cultivated.
Proximity is not only physical, energetic proximity goes beyond all borders and boundaries.
Grateful and confident that I will be able to benefit so much from this seemingly “chaos and not knowing” period.
Not knowing for us Westerners is almost unknown, we are used to and grown in control, today life calls us to the expanded experience of not knowing and remaining confident, and to listening to what is happening.

Antonella, Lugano (Svizzera)


In all senses, in all ways, everywhere.

Monica, Aulla (MS)



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