Nepal – Tip Maya story

21 Mar Nepal – Tip Maya story

For 30 years, ASIA has been significantly promoting the role of the woman within the economical developmental processes of their traditional societies. To create new economies by strengthening the social role of women is one of the main goals that ASIA pursues, and it does it through the foundation of women’s micro-enterprises and cooperatives.

Tip Maya Tamangni, a widow of 50 yrs old is a permanent resident of Naukunda, Saramthali. She lost her husband, Layul singh Gombo Tamang in an accident 4 years back and her father-in-law, Iman Singh Gombo in the devastating earthquake of 2072 B.S.

She now lives with her three sons and two daughters while her eldest son lives separately with his family. She has been running her family and raising her children with great difficulty due to low income from traditional farming. Her middle son has left the school and youngest son is studying in the public school near by. Two daughters have been already married.

She was selected by ASIA Onlus for training on Cardamom Farming so that she could generate more income and upgrade her lifestyle & provide better life for her children. She received training on Cardamom farming and 130 cardamom plants as support. She has planted those plants in an area of 1 Ropani (508 Square Meter) and has been taking care of them. She hopes that this cardamom farming will help her to generate more income and will be able to provide better life for her family.

She has also expected to get more help from ASIA Onlus so that she could create a small scale enterprise of her own

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