#NOTONLYINTIBET Support Tibetan Refugees

02 Dec #NOTONLYINTIBET Support Tibetan Refugees

Foto Pema DorjeThe Tibetan population is risking more and more everyday to lose their own identity, language and culture. It is important to support the Tibetan communities who live in exile, in remote areas and in very difficult conditions in safeguarding their millenial tradition and spirituality.


Tibetan refugee settlements in India are experiencing increasing hardship as a result of the continuing waves of Covid19 and the resulting closures:

Hospitals can’t take in all patients who need treatment. Schools, which do not receive any government support, are unable to cover all the costs necessary to guarantee the right to education of refugee children. Just now, the principal of the school in Petoen (Himachal Pradesh) has written to us in despair that he risks closing the school if he does not receive immediate support.


Tibetan refugees in Nepal also live in the harshest conditions:

They are more than 20 thousand and live in the most precarious conditions, because they have never received an identity document from the government. Like the parents of Pema and Tenzin, who live in Boudhanath (the Tibetan district of Kathmandu): before the pandemic they ran a very small tea shop, with two tables and four benches. Because of the repeated closures and the consequent lack of tourism they could not reopen their business and now live only with small expedients.



IMG-4379The mission entrusted to us by our founder, Master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, is to protect the cultural identity of the Tibetan people and to guarantee a dignified life for the most fragile people. We really need help to keep on achieving this.

Help us to support families, monks and Tibetan schools not only in Tibet.

The Tibetan population has an inestimable wealth to share: compassion, non-violence, tolerance, a heritage of values and knowledge fundamental for a healthy and harmonious life at the individual, social and environmental level. The Tibetan refugees, abbandoned by the international community, need you.







  • € 30 to donate a food package to a family of Tibetan refugees in Boudhanath, Kathmandu 
  • € 45 to provide study materials for a Tibetan monk in a Nepalese monastery
  • € 80 to contribute to the maintenance costs of a school in the Tibetan settlements in India






With 25 € per month (300 € per year) you can support:

  • a child from Himalayan communities
  • a monk in a Buddhist or bön po monastery
  • an elderly person in a halfway house