A better school in Dongche

The elementary school of Dongche with its comprehensive curriculum and the excellent academic performance of its students, is a role model for other schools in the Guide County.

ASIA arrived to Dongche in 1993. Till 1997 we focused on the building of the school for 560 children, constituted by 12 classrooms, offices for the teachers, dormitories for children and teachers, dining hall, kitchen and storehouses , toilets, computer room, a playground and the surrounding wall.

The school was opened in 1997 by ASIA President Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.

Since 1998 we organized Computer, English and Tibetan training for teachers and students, that made Dongche School one of the best training center for Tibetan teachers of the Hainan Prefecture recognized by the Department of Education.

Due to the increase of the enrollments, from 2010 to 2013 we restored all the old buildings and built a new kitchen and a new dining hall of 350 sm. Furthermore, we realized training of hygiene education for the children.

In order to guarantee a higher accessibility to education to the children of  the poorest families, since 2002 we started  a long distance sponsorship project. The students of Dongche will become prepared and educated adults, aware of their precious cultural identity. Join the project.