A library for the Rma zhol School


The Rma zhol School is located in the Tongde County at 3600 m.as.l. in the Hainain Prefecture, a very remote area. This school was founded in 1956 and today hosts 386 students coming from the 10 different villages of the Hebei district, and 40 teachers.

Currently, Hebei has a population of over 5700 inhabitants, out of which 99% are Tibetan and many of them are nomads. The conditions to which this community is heading is very worrying: the average per capita wage is nearly 3.610 RMB a year, or 600 dollars a year.

Most students of the school come from nomadic families with few resources to give their children an appropriate cultural instruction and sometimes they cannot afford to buy school books in Tibetan. Therefore, we have decided to help the students to have a bond with their own culture by opening a library with 2685 books, 10 bookcases, 50 chairs and 10 desks.