Buthan. Support for the most vulnerable village groups in Ura County

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Ura County, Bhumtang District, Bhutan



The COVID-19 emergency has aggravated an already difficult health and socio-economic situation in Bhutan. In rural areas, many of the people who have returned from India are unemployed and with the complete blockade of tourism, the local population is now at risk of poverty and malnutrition.

The Ura county government, which is located in a mountainous, cold and very poor area, contacted the Nyo Foundation, a Bhutanese association partner of ASIA, to ask for help in coping with the emergency that has brought the local community to its knees.



Guaranteeing, during the three winter months, food supplies for 25 poor families, 120 children and 12 groups of farmers, one for each of the eleven villages plus the school in Ura County, and containing the spread of the virus in the following months.



In the area of Ura county live 308 families, for a total of 2000 people, 120 children of which 110 in a school and 10 in a small monastery and 11 villages inhabited by very poor peasants.

ASIA, in partnership with the Nyo Foundation, have involved the entire population in awareness-raising and prevention of the virus and will distribute health and hygiene kits to every family.

25 very poor families and 120 children have received food rations sufficient to cover the food needs for the three coldest winter months, while 12 groups of farmers from 11 villages and the school have received greenhouses and agricultural equipment to produce winter vegetables and achieve food and economic self-sufficiency.

The organization of the distributions have been organized in collaboration with the Ura County government, the Nyo Foundation and the departments of Agriculture and Health.

Ura Gup Khandu rendering a helping hand
A beneficiary appreciates the thai hoe with fork
A beneficiary carries chili sappling
Distribution gathering at Ura


project achievements

Although challenged by border restrictions caused by COVID 19 pandemic, the project generally followed the plan.

  • health and hygiene kits were distributed to every family
  • 14 greenhouses have been purchased and distributed, as well as tools (thai style earth tiling tools, watering cans, water pipes) and seeds, especially the chili ones, that are wonderfully growing and will be profitable by the end of the next two months
  • the income and food security have increased by enhancing the production capacity of 11 farmers groups and a school.
  • 13 farmers’ group have been created
  • increase of women’s participation in farming
  • to promote the communication and the visibility of the area, Nyo Foundation printed banner and stickers and organized a media coverage for the distribution ceremony on April 18, 2021. The news was published on the national newspaper “Kuensel” and extensive posts on Nyo Foundation facebook page. All this has been a success, and caught the interest of other NGOs that send us partnership request, so that other 3 greenhouses will be handed over the local community.
5. Gadhen
4-Ura Gartsangba group by their greenhouse
3. Sumtrhang
UMSS school
Ura-with gup with Ura-Tarshong group representatives
1. Shingkhar


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Nyo Foundation


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ASIA Germany and Nyo Foundation