Emergency in Ercun


Winter in the Chengdu County is characterized by severe and violent natural disasters. With temperatures that arrive to -30 °, the snowstorms form a thick ice layer in the pastures (between 16 and 32 cm), which results in a big impediment for the activities of nomadic families and shepherds. They often remain isolated and with no fuel for heating. Not enough heads of cattle survive the frost to ensure food supply to every family.

We intervened with an emergency program after the harsh winter of 2010 that carried the village of Ercun to an extreme poverty. We distributed emergency food (high-calorie butter, and barley, used in the Tibetan diet and also used as fodder) to 100 families who had lost their homes.

ASIA gave another 100 families left without livestock, 502 females of yak and sheep, in order to reform the herds and to revive the economic activity of the county, traditionally linked to pastoralism.

Furthermore, we realized training for farmers and vets on livestock techniques, main animal pathologies, diagnosis of the main deseases and treatments to be implemented. We distributed handbooks and small equipments for vets.  

Finally, we distributed 5 yak males selected, vaccinated and branded in order to create 5 centres of natural insemination  for the pastoral communities of the Ercun village.