Galingteng Monastery

In Galingteng, a small nomad village in Derge, there is one of the most important sacred sites in the entire region. In the past, the monasteries were supported by the village population, but today the Tibetan community is in serious economic difficulty and cannot cover the expenses of the monasteries.

For us in ASIA, supporting Galingteng means safeguarding Tibetan cultural and spiritual identity in order to pass it on to the new generations as well as to make it known to the rest of the world. This is why we started an integrated programme to develop this area in 1993. From early 2000 up to 2001, with the help of the Netherlands Embassy in Beijing we built the study college of the Monastery. From 2000 to 2002, using private funds and contributions from the Finnish Embassy in Beijing, the historical monument of the Monastery were restored. In 2001 we built a small school which was then donated to the Monastery.

Thanks to the funds of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of Cooperazione Italiana, between 2002 and 2008 we built one clinic and trained medical personnel. In 2003, thanks to the Luxembourg Embassy in Beijing, we provided the monastery with all the equipment necessary for the library, the kitchen and the beds.

In 2004, we started up the long distance sponsorship programme for monks who live in this monastery.

In 2007, thanks to the funds provided by the Bolzano Province, Tavola Valdese, HIT Foundation and private donors, we started to build the Derge School. Between 2007 and 2008, using funds from the Tuscany Region, we enlarged the study college building 17 new bedrooms and the College temple was painted with frescoes.

In 2009, a fire destroyed the College dormitories and temple; thanks to private donors and Tavola Valdese, all the dormitories were rebuilt and the temple paintings restored in just one year.

In 2014, we built a retreat centre on the sacred mountain of Shub Lung in the Lhalung Valley, equipping it with all the facilities: tables, beds, heaters, bookcases, ritual items, books, blanket, water dippers, clothing for the monks etc. for a total of approximately 130,000 yuan (about 20,000 euro).

In 2016, in the retreat center on the Sacred mountain of Shub lung, we built 18 extra rooms, we provided all furnishing and we are also going ahead with the maintenance of the water supply system. In 2018 we completed the Temple. 

Thanks to the help of our long distance sponsors, the monks of Galingteng can continue to study and practice on retreat.

NOW we are looking for new funds to consolidate the land under the meditation centre that was affected by a landslide.

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