The orphanage of Yushu


In April 14 2010 the prefecture of Yushu, with a predominantly Tibetan population, was shocked after a 7,1 earthquake (Richter scale) that left 2.700 casualties and 12.900 injured behind and destroyed the houses of 100.000 people. Immediately after the earthquake we provided 6.000 families with emergency aid and we stayed in Yushu in the following years in order to aid the orphaned children.

32 orphaned children between the ages 0f 2 and 14 were initially hosted in a tent. These children now live in a more comfortable accommodation where they can carry out a normal life, this was possible because of the care and attention of 3 specialized operators. Due to the harsh winter with temperatures of -30°, we supplied the new accommodation with coal for 3 years and basic tools. We also distributed solar panels to enhance the energetic efficiency of the provisional dwellings. Moreover, we organised a training course for the 37 teachers of the region: going back to school and to their everyday lives is important for children that are victims of these emergencies.

We did not intervened to support only the children. We also assisted 5 patients who had suffered serious traumas due to the earthquake with their recovery and surgical emergencies.

We are working at Yushe orphanage to give 21 students, aged between 8 and 18 years old, the chance to carry on with their studies and learn Tibetan alongside their other subjects and to become conscious adults.

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