Primary education and multilinguism

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Weragama and are Urawatta are two fishing communities of the southwest coast of Sri Lanka affected by the 2004 Tsunami. We intervened in the two communities after the natural disaster occurred, building two kindergartens and, in Weragama, we dealt with the construction of the new village together with other NGOs.

The function of the kindergartens is very important: children who come from rural areas, as in the case of Weragama, can attend a quality school and carry out recreational activities that, after an emergency, helps children to go back to normal.
Thanks to a donation in memory of the Orofino family, we support the operating costs of childcare and support the payment of monthly fees for 35 children in pre-school age.

In addition to infants, we also address children aged 6 to 18 with an English course and a Tamil language course, organized in collaboration with the “Language Society” set up by the Community of the two villages with our help. By removing language barriers, especially among younger citizens, we want to contribute to the reconciliation process in the country, divided for 30 years by civil war.