Sindhupalchok, Nepal. Let’s start from water


The village of Sapukhane is in a remote mountainous area of Nepal, near the border with Tibet. 637 people work there, and their only facilities are a secondary school and a centre for Buddhist female monks – the community’s main cultural centre.

The earthquake of April 2015 completely damaged the monastery. The female monks were transferred by helicopter to Kathmandu, where ASIA welcomed them, providing tents, blankets and cooking utensils. Subsequently the monks are back to Sapukhane, and are still living in temporary shelters that they share with the locals.

We have therefore decided to take action by developing a project for the creation of a new water supply system. Part of the water gathers and seeps through the terraced areas, making the mountains sides less stable. Moreover, during dry periods the water supply diminishes up to 25%, and both the village and monastery run short of water and face a real crisis.

In order to improve the lifestyle of these communities, our aim is to:
improve the present water supply system, by creating a new system that covers the needs of the whole area. The water is to be taken from two springs and distributed through 37 public fountains
provide organic seeds and agricultural tools in order to foster the local economy
– training courses for the management of nurseries, creation of bio-pesticides and management of compost and post-harvest.
-Hygiene Promotion campaign for 40 students.

Cofinanced by Tavola Valdese