Singhkry Monastery


The Singhkry Monastery is an ancient teaching centre of the Nyingma doctrine in the Qinghai Province, where many of the leading monks and scholars of the Tibetan philosophy have studied. Today the monastery hosts 500 monks but in the last years there has been an increasing amount of admission requests to the colleges made by young people from the surrounding rural and nomadic areas.  The monks who cannot settle in the dormitories receive accommodation with the families of the village, however, this situation is not sustainable.

ASIA decided to intervene by building a new dormitory, following the traditional Tibetan architecture and the green-building techniques; local labour, villagers and monks volunteers were involved.

To complete the construction of the dormitories and the classrooms we also received the significant contribution of a bequest.

In order to make Singhkry be a cultural reference point again, we supplied the library of the monastery with books on traditional medicine and Tibetan spirituality. We also helped the abbot and monks to reorganise the book collection to improve the access to knowledge for the students.

Cofinanced by

BolzanoNando Peretti