The cultural heritage of Dzolung

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Dzolung is a small monastery of the Sakyapa Tibetan Buddhist tradition, located in a remote area of southwestern Tibet. It used to be residence of a great yogini, Ayu Khadro, who spent most of his life secluded in a cave. To keep alive the important tradition that Dzolung represents, we contributed to build the Boarding School of Practice of the monastery, with 10 individual rooms to allow the monks to observe the retreat of the ancient doctrine Sakyapa.

Thanks also to the “distance supporters” of Asia, the boarding school has all the necessary equipment for the retreats, so that the monks can study and meditate while respecting the traditional teachings.

The monks of Dzolung are the future of the cultural heritage of Tibet: encouraging the practice and study of the Sakyapa doctrine, the monastery will go back to be a spiritual and cultural point of reference for the nomadic communities of the area. Join the project