The school of Tanggan


The Elementary School of Tanggan is located between the mountains covered by meadows, at an altitude of about 3700 meters. We arrived in Tanggan in 2001 and our first initiative was the renovation of the school and the construction of new classrooms and dormitories using bioclimatic techniques and preserving the architectural Tibetan style.

Today this school hosts about 167 students (from kindergarten to third grade) and 20 staff members (teachers and others). Life there is very simple and with a natural rhythm. Children stay in the school during the weekends due the long distances from their homes.

With the aim to provide a more enjoyable space for learning, teachers organize games and activities to help to promote the traditional teaching: traditional dancing and singing shows; reading, writing and reciting contests with poems in Tibetan, Chinese and English and drawing contests. The best performing class wins a certificate and notebooks and pens for all the children.

In 2003 we launched the long distance sponsorship project in Tanggan and since then the living conditions of the school have improved significantly so that the number of students has increased in an amazing way. Today we support about 130 children. Join the project.