Words of virtuous contagion: interdependence


01 Apr Words of virtuous contagion: interdependence

Words are important. They can feed fear and stress, or relieve that sense of anxiety and bewilderment that we are all experiencing right now, allowing us to change perspective and generate a virtuous contagion, starting from what we think and feel.

The third word we want to reflect on is interdependence, that is, we are all connected, we depend on each other.
It is one of the cardinal principles of Buddhist philosophy, which teaches that nothing can exist separate from the rest. All living beings are closely connected: we are part of a single system in which each one does its part, linked by very fine threads that often escape our understanding.

What does this mean in our lives? The new Coronavirus made it clear to us, triggering a contagion that highlighted how borders are only formal, the virus has spread from one part of the globe to another, crossing nations and continents.

Our virtuous contagion starts right here: from the awareness that our words and our behaviors have consequences that go far beyond what we can imagine, and can generate virtuous chains that go very far, helping to create a world of respect and compassion.

It is the awareness of this interdependence that connect all of us that moves our work in the field: in particular in the sector of environmental protection and the fight against climate change, given the dramatic impact of interdependence on the environment.