Solidarity messages from the field

In the days of the COVID-19 emergency, we received several testimonies of “reverse” solidarity that comes from the children, principals and teachers of the schools of our remote support project, from the staff of ASIA Nepal, from the partners with whom we have worked in the years.


“Dearest, I am thinking of you now. How is the situation today in Italy? We are very worried. Thank you so much for your kind support. You are working for us even you are having tough time in your country. Please stay in door as much as you can. We are praying for your good health. We are praying for all Italian people especially our sponsors. We believe in miracle. It is miracle in Nepal. Nepal is next to China and there is no contagion. Please stay safe and in doors”.

Tsultrim and all the Manasarovar school, Nepal

Evening Prayer Time (1)

“Dear all, greetings! Hope this mail finds you well.
It’s really sad to know about the spread of the Coronavirus in Italy and the loss of so many lives by it. We Staff and Children of THF pray for the well being of all the people in Italy and May God bless us all. Everyone should take precautionary measures to protect themselves but it’s our belief in God that reciting the following mantra of Goddess Green Tara will protect us from the virus.

Dhondup and all the Tibetan Homes Foundation, India


Ichinkhorloo Khosbayar, Project Manager-Junior and Liaison Officer, ASIA Mongolia


EXPRESSION OF SOLIDARITY WITH ASIA ONLUS AND THE PEOPLE OF ITALY  Dear Sir/Madam, We watched with mounting concern that turned into unmitigated shock and horror as we witnessed the devastation visited upon your beautiful country by the almost demonic menace of COVID-19. As the human toll mounted, as the social and economic fabric of Italy was pulled to the point of being riven asunder our thoughts and our prayers are with you. You who never forgot us in our hour of need 15 years ago when a speedier but similar tragedy hit us in the form of a wave. While we are a less economically privileged country and our organization is a not-for-profit with very limited physical resource and our ability to contribute either in cash or in kind is non-existent, dear friends, we know, without a doubt, that you are a strong nation with a population with large hearts and great compassion that will, with the infinite grace that God showers upon the generous, overcome this as you have done many times over the history of the world. In that historic effort, the Green Movement of Sri Lanka, its entire network and all of the families that you helped along our coastal belt so many years ago stand by you, stand with you. May God speed your efforts, Sincerely yours, Suranjan Kodithuwakku Chairman/ Chief Executive Officer Green Movement of Sri Lanka


ཀ་དག་གདོད་མའི་དབྱིངས་ལས་མགོན་པོ་དགོངས། །
བདག་སོགས་ལས་ངན་འཁོར་བའི་སེམས་ཅན་རྣམས། །
འཕྲལ་རྐྱེན་ནད་ཡམས་སྡུག་པོས་འཇིགས་པ་ན། །
མགོན་པོའི་ཐུགས་རྗེ་ལྷག་པར་དུས་ལ་འབབ། །

ཁྱེད་ཀྱི་ཐུགས་རྗེ་འོད་ཀྱིས་དོན་སྨིན་པས། །
སྨན་མཁས་སྨན་ལ་རང་དབང་བརྩན་པར་ཤོག། །
གསོ་བ་མཁས་པའི་རྣམ་དཔྱོད་རབ་འཕེལ་ནས། །
ཡམས་ནད་ཞི་བའི་སྨན་བཅོས་བརྩན་པོ་ཞིག། །
མུན་སེལ་ཉི་མའི་འོད་དུ་མྱུར་ཤར་ཤོག།། །།

As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps across the humanity spreading suffering across the globe. Small society of Sumtrhang Monastery and its religious organisation Bhutan Nyo Foundation in association with ASIA onlus, extends our sincere prayers to all those who are infected by the virus, and those who fear of being infected. May we find a cure at the earliest as best of worlds medical brains work day and night for the cause.

Our sincere gratitude goes to all the heroes and and frontline personals fighting the pandemic in a form of health workers, volunteers and officials on duty, trying their best to keep everyone at comfort and safe in their societies.

At this point of time, our hearts goes to our ITALIANS AND FRIENDS IN EUROPE who are hit the most by this pandemic. Yet we find comfort in seeing you fight with confidence, vigour and determination together in arm to arm as a nation and people. Same goes to rest of the countries that are badly hit by the pandemics across the globe. We hope that this pandemic pacifies soon and may our world reclaim peace and an unprecedented peace in fact as we learn many lessons from this woes, the essence being to harm less and to cultivate as far as we can the benevolence, to practice good in all our actions.

At home, we rejoice in the efforts put together by our government, other non-government and private agencies together in solidarity under the great leadership of our beloved King, His Majesty the king to keep our country safe from the pandemic. We also join the nation to thank our frontline health workers and others who are seen putting rest ahead in place of their selves .

Let’s keep safe and be safe for self and the others.

Sumtrhang Samdrup Choedzong


Nabaraj Acharya,
Program Director, ASIA Nepal

Nepal- Rasuwa's school