What we do

ASIA is active in many countries in Asia (India, China, Nepal, Myanamar, Mongolia, Bhutan and SriLanka)  and is the only international organization present and established in all the regions of China having inhabitants from the Tibetan ethnic minority (Qinghai, Gansu, Sichuan and the Tibetan Autonomous Region).

For over 30 years ASIA has been engaged in safeguarding the historical and cultural heritage of Tibet through restoration of monuments and works of art, construction and refurbishment of Buddhist meditation and philosophy colleges, and publication of previously unpublished ancient Tibetan manuscripts that are then distributed in the Tibetan regions of China and in the West.

All the projects are undertaken with awareness of traditional practices and knowledge, and awareness of the unique environmental conditions of the Tibetan plateau.

Scuola di ManasarovarEDUCATION

The school construction projects are designed with awareness of traditional Tibetan architecture and use bio climate technologies which aim to exploit solar thermal energy and eliminate the use of coal for heating.

We support schools by renovating existing structures, providing supplies and equipment, constructing new buildings, and installing plumbing systems and toilet facilities.

All subjects are taught in Tibetan, except for Chinese and English lessons, deemed very important in the education programmes planned by ASIA.

Great attention is paid to continuous improvement of teaching quality with a programme of professional refresher courses for school teachers and principals.

EMERGENCYTerremoto Sichuan

Intervenes in aid of Asian populations struck by natural calamities (drought, earthquake, tsunami, flooding).

The interventions concern the phases following the primary emergency with projects aimed mainly at distribution of prime necessities such as food supplies, medicine, clothes, tents and, where necessary, reconstituting herds and flocks of livestock for nomad populations.

In the post-emergency phase ASIA takes part in the reconstruction of homes, schools and clinics and provides aid to the afflicted populations, helping to start income-generating activities and regenerating the social fabric of the community.

Through this project ASIA aims to protect and support the traditional heritage of the people of the Himalayan area (children, students, elders and monks) by providing everything they need to learn, live and study in harmony with their cultural roots.

Through the LDS ASIA:

  • ensures Tibetan and Nepalese children the opportunity to complete primary education in some of the most remote areas of Tibet, India and Nepal;
  • offers to destitute young Tibetans the possibility to attend high schools and universities through study grants;
  • guarantees Tibetan elders of the exiled communities in India, who are alone, a home and a decent living in elderly homes;
  • supports the studies and practice of young and adult monks in Buddhist and Bönpo Monasteries.


ASIA promotes health and hygiene education and preventive health care, funds the construction of hospitals and village clinics for the provision of basic health services, supports the training of medical and paramedical staff and furnishes medical equipment.

Particular attention is paid to mother and child health care and the training of traditional midwives and obstetricians.

ASIA also contributes to the study, safeguarding and diffusion of
traditional Tibetan medicine and finances the construction of specialist clinics.

ASIA ensures local people have access to Safe Drinking Water,
provides suitable health and hygiene systems and develops health and
hygiene education activities aimed at avoiding the transmission of infectious diseases and reducing maternal and infant mortality.



We incentivize farmers to use both eco-friendly agricultural techniques respecting the ClimateSmart Agriculture (CSA) approach, as well as local plant varieties instead of hybrid seeds.

We safeguard nomadism on the Himalayan high plains through training courses on managing pasture land, improving herd health and training local veterinarians.

We build facilities for the storage and marketing of non-perishable products and organize training courses, round tables with entrepreneurs and resellers for technical support and market launch of products. We participate in the creation of brands that certify the quality of products placed on the markets.

We promote the use of bioinsecticides, bio-pesticides and bio-fertilizers.

microimpresa_femminile_TibetTRAINING AND MICRO ENTERPRISES

By means of projects that entail training courses and that initiate microenterprises
and co-operatives, ASIA is investing in the technical, educational and managerial skills of the weaker and more vulnerable sectors of the population, assisting in their entry into the labour market.

We promote the role of women in these initiatives.


Through exhibitions, conventions, seminars, trainings and events in Italy, ASIA is informing and sensitizing civil society about the situation of ethnic minorities in Asia, stimulating encounters with ancient and distant cultures and traditions.

To this end ASIA collaborates with university institutions, schools, private foundations and public bodies both in Italy and the rest of the world.


We promote the use of Permaculture and organic farming and the reforestation of the marginal lands and the sustainable management of the community forest.

We train local communities on traditional techniques and ecofriendly cultivation and tree planting and support the small local organic farmers.

We disseminate the use of resilient natural resources, resistant to climate changes, promote eco-friendly architectural solutions and spread the use of alternative energy sources and the reduction in the use of coal and wood for heating.

We carry out campaigns of awareness and information on the effects of climate changes and on the mitigation methods.