Covid-19 Emergency

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This is a dramatic moment for the entire planet, all the countries of the world are facing an emergency that has never been seen before.

Even in our country the situation is dramatic and there are some places in the world where there is an emergency in the emergency.

ASIA has been working in very poor countries for over 30 years. Here the access to primary goods, as food and water and to the healthcare, is often weak or absent. In countries like Nepal, which is getting back on its feet after the 2015 earthquake (of magnitude 7.9) and which has been blocked from March 24 to June 14 due to Covid-19, most people live on daily jobs and the statement they hear most frequently is “I prefer to die of Covid-19 than starvation.”

Even in Myanmar the situation is difficult and in the area in which we work, the Chin, the first cases of Covid-19 were detected. In large cities, but especially in rural areas, the health system is completely lacking and has no means of preventing or managing the pandemic. It was an incredible emotion to be able to deliver to the doctors of the Mindat and Kanpetlet District Hospital 10,000 masks and 5,000 gloves along with other medical materials. This was possible thanks to the generous help of many of our donors. But the work of ASIA is not yet finished, in a country with such a fragile health system we must continue to contain the spread of the virus by providing sanitary materials for doctors and by disseminating awareness raising messages on the streets through illustrative leaflets on hygiene rules.

We at ASIA, together with the staff who are on site, are preparing for the support activities for the population and prevention and awareness to help contain coronavirus infection as much as possible.

With a donation you can help us to be close to those who cannot be left alone, especially now.