Tax Benefits

For donations done in Italy:

As ASIA is both NGO (Non Governative Organization) and ONLUS (Italian Non-Profit Organization), all the donations that we receive are:

  • for INDIVIDUALS: deductible from the taxable income for all the donations up to 10% of the income declared, and a year maximum of 70.000 Euro.
  • for COMPANIES: deductible from the declared business taxable income up to 10% of the declared business income and up to a year maximum of 70.000 Euro. The maximum deductible of 70.000 Euro can be exceeded as the DL 35/05 provides (only for IRES subjects) for the applicability of pre-existing dispositions, that is the deductibility of 2% of the declared business income.


For donations done abroad:

Tax deduction is possible for suscribers paying trough ASIA’s offices in their countries according to national tax laws.