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05 Jun In memory of Sara Crippa

We want to express our sincere condolences to Filippo De Monte, Nepal Country Manager for ASIA, for the sudden loss of his beloved wife Sara Crippa. Sara was admitted to hospital five days ago in a Kathmandu for suspect pneumonia. Unfortunately due to complications caused by...

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21 Feb Losar among Tibetan nomads

This year, Tibetans will be celebrating Losar, the Tibetan New Year, on 27 February. Traditions and customs vary during the festivities, so we are offering a brief overview of what happens in the world of Tibetan nomads during the Losar period. First thing on New Year's...

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16 Feb Farming Nepal update

[gallery ids="3122,3123,3126,3125,3124,3127"] Since January 2015, we have been carrying out an important project in Nepal, a country that has been pressured for over twenty years by (Indian and Western) multinationals into using hybrid seeds and an intesive use of chemicals (fertilizers, parasiticides). The goal of ASIA’s action...

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16 Feb Mongolia. The Nine Nines

Mongolia has a very extreme continental climate, it is so far from the sea that this cannot exercise its moderating influence. Only in summer the clouds cover the sky, that’s why it is knows as “The land of blue sky”, but not in the capital,...

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