29 Dec ‘Nepal Stories’ virtual photo exhibition

'Nepal Stories' virtual photo exhibition is finally online! The photographer and journalist Thibault Gregoire tells two of our projects funded by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano. from 29 December to 29 January -  Click here to visit the exhibition! Thibault Gregoire is a Belgian journalist specialising in development cooperation, he has worked for...

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02 Dec #NOTONLYINTIBET Support Tibetan Refugees

The Tibetan population is risking more and more everyday to lose their own identity, language and culture. It is important to support the Tibetan communities who live in exile, in remote areas and in very difficult conditions in safeguarding their millenial tradition and spirituality.   Tibetan refugee...

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12 Feb Losar, Tibetan New Year’s day

Losar (ལོ་གསར་ lo gsar) is Tibetan New Year’s day. It literally means new (གསར་ gsar) year(ལོ་ lo). This year it’s on the 12nd of February, new moon day, and the celebrations will last for three days. According to Tibetan astrology, we are stepping into metal (ལྕགས་...

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