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20 Feb HAPPY #LOSAR 2023!

Losar, the Tibetan New Year, has finally arrived!

Losar (ལོ་གསར་ lo gsar) is the Tibetan New Year. Literally, It means new (ལོ་ lo) year (གསར་ gsar). This year it will fall on February 21, the day of the new moon, and the celebrations will last for over a week!

From today, according to the Tibetan calendar, we will enter 2150, the year of the water hare. What do this animal and this element symbolize together?


The Water Hare

The hare is an example of calm, virtue, prudence, kindness and elegance. However we must be careful because it can tend to make us stagnate in indolence and excessive comfort. In summary, the year of the hare is really about tranquility!

Water, on the other hand, represents mental openness, softness, reflexivity, intuition. It gives the animal lucidity and sensitivity, but also passivity. Years related to the water element are good for change and communication.

We hope that this new year will be marked by virtue, calmness, sensitivity and open-mindedness.

Here is the painting made by Tenzin Kunga for this Losar!
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