Nepal – Travel Diary n.6

25 Feb Nepal – Travel Diary n.6

The testimony of the journey of the Long Distance Sponsorship Manager in Nepal. A mission that features ASIA NEPAL’s staff members, the representatives of the various schools in which the Long Distance Sponsorship project is active, but above all the Nepalese girls and children, including those of the 4 schools we built and inaugurated last December in Rasuwa.

Today is Tuesday, February 5, a festive day for some schools in this district because of the Losar, the Tibetan New Year. A large percentage of the population of Rasuwa is in fact Tamang, one of the Nepalese ethnic groups of Tibetan-Burmese origin. The Nepalese government has for a couple of days released the authorization to close the schools of the district for this day, including the Aarukharka School, which we will visit today. The school management committee and the Headmaster welcome our meeting request despite the holiday.

The road to Aarukharka is initially the same as the one to reach Thangdor- the two schools are bothIMG_20190205_122936 located in Yarsa – but it is on another side of the mountain, at a lower altitude. On the way, we meet many people on the road who are involved in the construction of their houses and many others working in the fields or with the herds.

Together with them, many children who today, in fact, did not go to school and therefore play or help parents in their work. The visual impact is very strong: the population here strives every day for their survival and subsistence, and the means and resources available to them are really limited. The meeting with the school staff focuses a lot on the problems of the community and on the lack of awareness of many families of the importance of education, a condition naturally linked to extreme poverty.

The school is happy to be able to count on ASIA’s support in this difficult challenge, IMG_20190205_103648through the Long Distance Sponsorship project and beyond. After the meeting, we must immediately leave the village to return quickly to ASIA’s field office in Kalikasthan, where we will meet three of the main representatives of the district’s education department. Coordinating and collaborating with them, at an institutional level, on our interventions in the four schools is essential for the success of the project.

The working day and the mission to Rasuwa ends in the late afternoon, one day ahead of schedule. Tomorrow we return to Kathmandu and in the next days, in addition to office work, there are many meetings with local associations and partners programmed, above all, the long-awaited visits to the Triten Norbutse Monastery and the Manasarovar School, where the Long Distance Sponsorship project has been active for many years.