Nepal – Travel Diary

04 Feb Nepal – Travel Diary

The testimony of the ongoing journey of the Long Distance Sponsorship Manager in Nepal. A mission that features ASIA NEPAL’s staff members, the representatives of the various schools in which the Long Distance Sponsorship project is active, but above all the Nepalese girls and children, including those of the 4 schools we built and inaugurated last December in Rasuwa.

Here I am, today is January 30 and I have just arrived in my accommodation in Kathmandu, tired from the long journey but happy and full of good expectations for this is my first mission, as well as my first trip to Nepal.

Since the plane began to lose altitude and head towards the valley of Kathmandu, I was able to experience the thrill of seeing this small great country from the sky. From the high snowy peaks of the Himalayan range, to the low peaks full of lush woods, ending in the small villages scattered between the mountains, with little stone houses with bright blue or red tin roofs. The first thing that I wonder is how these houses and villages can be reached because I do not see roads and cars! After the villages I stat to see the agricultural terraces, how beautiful these small parallel waves that seem to be designed to decorate the slopes of these mountains. And then even further down, to fly over the valley of Kathmandu, covered with a blanket of dust and smog, but nevertheless seems beautiful, chaotic but very alive, dotted with shimmering water cans on the roofs of houses and some golden peaks coming from various temples and monasteries of the city.

MissioneRopb_Gen2019_UggicioASIANEPALAnd then finally on the ground, outside the airport, welcomed by the splendid smile of Keeshav, one of the two drivers part of the team of ASIA Kathmandu, there to accompany me to the office. Immersing myself in cars in the busy streets of the city, seeing office of ASIA NEPAL and above all getting to know one by one the staff members of ASIA NEPAL were the last beautiful emotions that characterized my long day of travel.


MissioneRob_Gen2019Thursday, January 31, my first busy day in the office of ASIA NEPAL. We all arrive on time at 8.30 but for the Nepalese the day began a few hours ago. They tell me that here, in fact, they all wake up very early in the morning, at 4 or 5 and in fact I also heard from home at that time the first sounds coming from the houses and from the streets around. Different noises, which I do not immediately recognize: the strong breath of pressure cookers for rice; the wooden or metal mortar; the dogs and the many birds from the streets; prayers; the roar of water from the pails to wash the clothes by hand … and then the smells, different smells, of burned is good (incense, small outbreaks in front of the shops to heat the customers) that bad (the garbage or the friction of a car ), spicy food, dust and smog.

In the same room with Riccardo (the Representative Country of ASIA), there is no heating, as well as at home and in all the Nepalese houses. But the warmth of their welcome and of the city is unique. We drink tea or hot water during and after the long meeting on the various projects of Long Distance Sponsorship active in Nepal (Manasarovar, Triten, Ganchen Meri, Rasuwa), which we examine every single aspect, we share opinions on the management, on the modalities of improvement, on the future objectives, in the fervent expectation, on my part, to finally be able to visit them in person in the coming days.