Nepal earthquake, our intervention

05 Aug Nepal earthquake, our intervention

The date 25 April 2015 marks the start of what has perhaps been one of the most difficult years in the history of Nepal. After the catastrophic result of the earthquake, which left 9,000 casualties, 23,000 injured, 600,000 buildings destroyed and 300,000 partially damaged, the country had to face another challenge.

From September 2015 to mid-February 2016, there was a border traffic blockage (virtually an undeclared embargo) by India.

ASIA has been in Nepal since 1996 and is now there to rebuild the future of this country starting from the children and the schools. Our presence in the field enabled our NGO to intervene immediately, working in and outside the capital. Tents, blankets, mattresses, aluminium panels for building shelters, solar panel kits and other essential items were distributed, reaching over 26,000 people. In the villages of Yarsa and Saramthali, 58 temporary classrooms have been built, enabling 2,345 children to resume their studies at school.

Now, the aim is to rebuild the schools destroyed by the earthquake starting from the villages where the temporary classrooms were installed. To participate in this project you can join the “Namaskar for Nepal: Do something for the Schools” campaign, donating now

We have done so much for the population affected by the ‪#‎earthquake‬ thanks to the generous help of many ASIA’s supporters. Browse the Report