Nepal Earthquake. Landslides mapping


To prevent the risk of landslides, ASIA and the University of Milan-Bicocca have mapped the region of Rasuwa District in the northern part of the country and in VDC Baluwa (Kavre District).

Analysing the danger degree is a key step in risk management since it allows to identify the potential risk scenarios as well as to know the frequency and the entity of the potential events.

Between September and October 2015 geologists in the districts of Saramthali, Yarsa and Bhorle carried out the following activities:

• mapping of the landslides
• geological survey and structural data collection
• survey and mapping of coseismic fractures
• assessment of the stability of slopes in correspondence of schools
• mapping of land with different properties and different danger degree

A susceptibility model to determine an estimation of landslides’ frequency and magnitude for future events was made from these findings. Monographic cards for every examined village were prepared (geological and geomorphological settings, damage degree, seismic hazard analysis and landslide risk, advice on a possible transfer and reconstruction).