Organic Agriculture in Nepal


Agriculture is one of the biggest sources of income in Nepal. However, due to climate change and the use of chemical pesticides some lands have been abandoned. The villages of Yarsa and Saramthali are villages in the buffer area of the Langtang Park. This area is highly populated and is subject to controlled use of the park’s resources leading to a consequent reduction of basic food resources and possibility of increasing one’s income.

The project, funded by SolHimal France, aims to support organic agricultural production through the distribution of agricultural tools and seeds of the main Nepalese crops. Nurseries will be implemented by practicing organic farming techniques.

Agroforestry production and reforestation of marginal lands and buffer areas will be supported through the distribution and planting of 5000 coffee trees and 5000 forage, multi-purpose and fruit trees.

Each phase of the project will be supported by training sessions on organic production, cultivation of coffee trees, forage, multi-purpose and fruit trees. Trainings on the marketing of products and the management of agroforestry crops will be organized.

The direct beneficiaries of the project are 100 farmers from the villages of Yarsa and Saramthali.

The indirect beneficiaries are the families of the beneficiaries (about 500 people) and the 5700 inhabitants of the rural municipality of Naukunda who will contribute to the realization of the activities and the sustainability of the project.