The school of Rigmo


The Rigmo elementary school is located near the Kokonor Lake, a sacred lake to Tibetans and the origin of many legends. The school was founded in 1987 by using and old military base built in the 50’s. It is located at an altitude of about 3500 meters in an area inhabited mostly by Tibetans minorities.

The Elementary School of Rigmo provides a three years course plus the years of kindergarten. There are 558 children from the 8 nearest villages studying in the school, 300 of them live in the school, and around 40 teachers and other staff. The subjects taught to children are mathematics, Tibetan and Chinese. During the summer, the team of teachers organize leisure activities like reading competitions, sports competitions and small shows of traditional songs and dances with the aim of preserving and passing on the old traditions.

In 2003 we started the project of long distance support in favour of children belonging to poor families to help affording school expenses and provide health and maintenance of school facilities. There are currently around 72 children benefiting from a long distance sponsorship. Join the project.