Stories from the field: Beccacece


04 Jun Stories from the field: Beccacece

Silvia Beccace, architect and expert in WASH

When I arrived in Nepal for a last minute holiday in December 2006, I immediately understood that that country would occupy a special place in my life. Even today I wonder what attracted me so much in the impact with Kathmandu, an absolutely messed-up, polluted city, full of contradictions, but with incredibly suggestive places.

Having immediately recognized the special vibrations of that country, I did everything to have my first work experience as an NGO worker in Nepal. It was ASIA that gave me the opportunity and everything was absolutely unique from the start. On my first assignment I had the opportunity to select the areas of intervention, to write the project that I would carry out in the years to come in the sector that would become my specialization (then water and sanitation, today WASH) and to develop it with confidence and the collaboration of a small but incredibly involved team.

I ended up spending almost 5 years in Nepal, most of them collaborating with ASIA. It was a very nice experience, during which we tried to support the rural community of Baluwa with the creation of a water system, the construction of toilets and the promotion of hygiene. On paper, a project like many others, in reality an intervention that for many reasons I consider unique.

An example of extremely rewarding cooperation, both from a professional and human point of view. Never as in Nepal have I had the opportunity to really get in touch with the local community, and still today I remember many people from the village with deep affection. Of course if I had written this contribution a few years ago, I would have probably been a little more critical.

Nepal is a wonderful but complex country, where working and meeting deadlines puts you to the test every day. The difficulties were many, I remember how it was now the moment when we suspended the excavation works of the first well, there was not a single drop of water … If not my tears!

And then the immense joy, mine and the inhabitants of Baluwa, in seeing water come out of the wells drilled subsequently. The memories are many, beautiful and still today, despite the many trips and places where I was lucky enough to work, Nepal, a bit like its mountains, remains above all for me. For this I will never stop thanking my Nepalese colleagues and friends, and of course ASIA.

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