Words of virtous contagion: resilience


16 Apr Words of virtous contagion: resilience

Words are important. They can feed fear and stress, or relieve that sense of anxiety and bewilderment that we are all experiencing right now, allowing us to change perspective and generate a virtuous contagion, starting from what we think and feel.

Our fifth word is resilience, from the Latin resilire or bounce. In physics, it is the property of materials to resist impacts without breaking, and in psychology it is the ability to resist and react to difficulties, adversities, negative events (Garzanti).

And this is the time to bring out all our resilience. It is an innate gift, which is part of our genetic makeup and has allowed us to survive the many adversities to which we have been exposed as human beings. It is that flexibility, that ability to adapt that allows us to give different answers to circumstances that are no longer the same. It is impermanence that teaches us resilience: while everything changes we cannot survive if we remain equal to ourselves.

We at ASIA have continuous examples of resilience, to which we can all inspire: they are the people of Tibet, Nepal and the other countries of Asia in which we have been engaged for many years, who constantly live with adverse circumstances without losing the smile, the confidence and strength to move forward.