Words of virtuous contagion: responsibility


09 Apr Words of virtuous contagion: responsibility

Words are important. They can feed fear and stress, or relieve that sense of anxiety and bewilderment that we are all experiencing right now, allowing us to change perspective and generate a virtuous contagion, starting from what we think and feel.

The fourth word we propose is responsibility. It is a word that we often hear in this period, the Covid-19 emergency reminds us of our sense of responsibility and thus helps us to stop for a moment before taking action, to take a time to reflect and choose the most correct behavior, towards others but also towards ourselves.

But what does it mean to be responsible? It means responding (from the Latin respondere) of the effects of one’s words and behavior. This emergency is educating us to cultivate a sense of responsibility that we often lack, it is teaching us that responding with care and respect to the needs of others is essential for a healthy coexistence and is inseparable from our own well-being.

At any time we have the opportunity to choose, we can feed virtuous circles in our life or feed harmful and destructive mechanisms. It is the responsibility of each individual that creates that sense of collective responsibility that can make a difference for our planet.